The Ultimate Red Carpet Experience - SocialPix by EventPix

Imagine your guests’ delight when they arrive at your event and walk down a red carpet to be greeted by a phalanx of photographers in front of your very own media wall.  They adopt their most glamorous pose for the photographers then a reporter steps forward to ask “who are you wearing for this fabulous occasion?”

Then after their pre-function drinks they walk into your event and there on screen are the red carpet photos.

This product can be optioned in many ways including …

Supply red carpet (or whatever colour you want), bollards, lighting.

Choose from a number of stock media walls or we will make and install your own special product (we have the frames, so you are only paying for bespoke printing)

Provide one to twenty photographers (real and actors) with professional digital cameras or add some vintage cameras to suit the era of your theme.

Provide the red carpet interviewer – an experienced interactive actor to interview your guests (can be serious or comic)

A video crew to work with the interviewer.